Evac Chair IBEX5 Transeat 700H evacuation chair

Evac Chair IBEX5 Transeat 700H evacuation chair
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IBEX Transeat 700H evacuation chair

One of our most versatile chairs, which can even be used on spiral staircases.

The IBEX Transeat also has the ability to both descend and ascend stairways with ease during an emergency escape situation. Many commercial and residential applications have stairs which lead to the escape access of a building (i.e. from basement level). The IBEX Transeat is the perfect solution for the evacuation of mobility impaired persons. Specially designed "tracks" allow for the chair to ascend stairs without the need for the operators to lift. By coordinating movements, operators guide the TranSeat over stair nosing.

Strong, durable stainless steel frame construction, The top extendible handle can be adjusted to meet the operator's needs

Pulley belts ("tracks") assist during stair evacuation, Safety belts help to secure the passenger in place

Can be used on level ground and on ascending and descending stairs, The tracks can be brake controlled ready for ascent and descent. The brake is applied on descent to control chair movement and then released on ascent to minimise resistance



  • Telescopic extendable handle
  • Two person operation to control chair movement
  • Easy to open for quick emergency access
  • Wall securing brackets and dust cover supplied as standard
  • Maximum passenger load: 159kg
  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Adjustable brake 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Compact storage to avoid obstruction
  • DDA compliant product
  Inc  Detachable Seat & Bracket
   Inc Adjustable Patient straps
   Inc Wall securing Bracket
   Inc Dust Cover

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Check your stairwell layouts for Evac Chair model suitability
Measure stair angles to ensure correct fitment
Check surface materials for safe use of the Evac Chair
Check your fire exit route
Carry out a demonstration of our Evac chairs


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