Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic AED with CPR Device

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic AED with CPR Device
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All office/work environments should be equipped with an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). In the event of a cardiac arrest  the ready availability of a Defibrillator could save the life of a colleague or friend. We stock an extensive range of defibrillators, electrodes and accessories from all the major UK suppliers – Cardiac Science, CardiAid, Zoll, Philips, iPad, Heartsine, Defibtech, Laerdal and Physio Control, all at highly competitive prices allied to award winning after sales service and support. Call us now for advice on which defibrillator is most appropriate to your work/sport/home environment.

The Powerheart® G5 is the first Semi Automatic AED to combine real-time CPR feedback, semi automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times.

The powerful capabilities of the Powerheart G5 AED enable rescue professionals and lay responders to administer therapy in a timely and effective manner to give a victim of sudden cardiac arrest the best chance of survival.

Be your best with real-time CPR assistance. The CPR Device included with this model helps a rescuer give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that is consistent with 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines, so even first-time rescuers can deliver life-saving CPR. The Powerheart G5 AED automatically recognizes shockable cardiac rhythms which may benefit from the use of an AED, providing clear instructions and real-time feedback. The CPR Device supplied comes pre-attached to the Adult Defibrillation Pads to save critical time in a rescue and give the user a greater degree of confidence. 



  • Semi Automatic AED
  • High environmental protection (IP rating 55)
  • Rescue Ready® technology self-checks
  • Paediatric capability using optional paediatric electrode pads
  • Intuitive, interchangeable pad design simplifies placement
  • Visual prompts provides extra confidence in noisy and chaotic environments 
  • Meets rigorous military standards for shock, vibration and drop testing.
  • 500 shock capability
  • Switch language feedback at the push of a button
  • 90 minutes of rescue data accessible via USB cable or USB drive 
  Inc  G5S-02B AED with CPRD
  Inc  4-year Intellisense battery 
   Inc 1 x pair adult electrode pads
   Inc AED Manager software
   Inc AED manual
   Inc Getting started card

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Energy delivery Joules 95-354
IP (Water) eg X4 5
ECG capability? No
Manual/ Automatic capability Manual
Battery life 4
Electrode pad life (Years) 2
Paediatric use Optional
10 year cost of ownership 1639
Warranty (Years) 7

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